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Welcome to the next generation of Paragon applications. Paragon Connect is a true web application, not just a mobile solution, allowing you to use the program on almost any device. There are a host of options included in Paragon Connect: full property search, contact manager, hotsheet search, and more. 

Paragon Connect Promotional Video

How to Videos

Connect vs. Mobile

The purpose of this video is to highlight the differences between Paragon Connect and Paragon Mobile.  We will highlight some of the key differences.

Time: 16.32 mins

Agent Information

We are talking about you and your image in this video.  How to make sure your photo looks perfect in Paragon Connect and beyond.  We will show you where and how to upload your image.

Time: 1.18 mins

Dashboard Tabs

The dashboard of Paragon Connect is all about your clients and the activities they perform.  Right up front we show you information on what activity and how active your buyers are.  

Time: 1.44 mins

Power Search

The power search is a quick and easy option to search for listings, saved searches, contacts, members, offices, and more.  It is extremely efficient at helping you quickly find what you need.

Time: 1.36 mins

Active Buyers

Let's take a closer look at how the active buyers module works.  It's all about tracking activity and learning more about what your buyers are interested in.  

Time: 1.33 mins

Latest Comments

Communication is key when working with your prospective buyers.  In this video we will highlight the latest comments section and teach you how you can quickly reply to any question.

Time: 1.22 mins

Other Activity

Staying with the buyer dashboard, we will break down the other elements on this page.  New searches, tasks, and searches about to expire within the next 7 days.  

Time: 2:02 mins

Site Visits

Why are my buyers order differently each time I access the Paragon Connect dashboard?  In this video, we will walk through site visits and how that affects your oder of active buyers.

Time: 0.59 secs

Detail Report - Admin

This video is all about how you customize the detail report in Paragon Connect.  This is mainly for your MLS administration but does show you how the repeort is built and why the fields are ordered the way they are.

Time: 3:32 mins

Real Time Results

Unlike Paragon Mobile, Paragon Connect and Paragon Online share the exact same database.  This allows for all of your data, contacts, listings, to be up-to-date regardless of the system you are using.

Time: 3:08 mins

100% Responsive

Paragon Connect is a web app, which means you access Paragon Connect using a web browser.  This means you can use just about any device to access the application.  Smart phone, tablet, or even a desktop computer.

Time: 5:02 mins

Shortcut App Icon

While Paragon Connect is a web app, you can still add an app shortcut icon to your home screen of your mobile device.  This video will walk you through those steps.

Time: 3:01 mins


Searching for and locating listings on a map has never been so easy.  In this video segment, we will highlight two methods for locating listings on a map (Criteria based and Location based)

Time: 6:43 mins

Client Centric Tool

Explore how easy it is to track and view all activity from your buyers and sellers.  Quickly communicate and interact with any of your clients.  This video will highlight some of those features.

Time: 2:00 mins

Property Search

In this video you will learn about some of the features and options found while running a property search.  Update your template, save a search, copy a search, filter criteria, and more.

Time: 5:00 mins

Hotsheet Search

While not as advanced as Paragon Classic, the hotsheet search in Paragon Connect does have some easy to use features to run a hotsheet search. More features will be added in near future.

Time: 1:26 mins

Tour & Open House Search

Take a moment and checkout this video that walks you through some of the upcoming tour and open house features.  It will walk through both the search and result features of tour and open house.

Time: 4:07 mins

Listing Cart

In 5.82, we have added the ability to save and collecting listings and place them in a listing cart.  This syncs with Paragon Classic and allow's agents to store and save specific listings.

Time: 3:08 mins

Profile Photo

Paragon Connect allows you to snap or upload your own agent profile image.  It crops perfectly on the screen allow for a crisp clear image.  This also syncs with Paragon Classic.

Time: 2:01 mins

Adding Search Default Criteria

Setting up your default search template helps you navigate through Paragon and Paragon Connect quickly. Who doesn't like to save themselves time?

Time: 3:16 mins

Release Note Videos

5.83 Release Video

The 5.83 is all about accessing your latest searches. This new feature syncs with Paragon and allows you to either load or run a previous search.  There are also a number of cleanup items applied to this release.

Time: 4:38 mins

5.82 Release Video

In our 5.82 release, we focused on adding more ways to collect and share listings.  You will find our new listing cart feature in Paragon Connect.  We also added the copy link option to allow you to share listings on other platforms.

Time: 4:53 mins

5.81 Release Video

Check out our new snap/upload agent photo feature. You will also learn how you can embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your detail reports.  Finally, edit your photos from any location within Paragon Connect.

Time: 5:48 mins

5.80 Release Video

Take a peek at the new detail report for desktop view, the new profile menu, tour and open house features, embed videos, and more.

Time: 3:15 mins

5.79 Release Video

The new property watch feature added, multiple tour and open house searches, live stream tour and open houses, and more.

Time: 3:15 mins

5.78 Release Video

Highlights from this release include adding public record data into listing detail report, interactive parcels, activity tracking,  

Time: 6:40 mins

5.77 Release Video

New to the 5.77 release is the ability to filter your search criteria based only criteria entered, native driving directions, and the about menu option.

Time: 4:10 mins

5.75 Release Video

Lots of UX updates with regards to searching and selecting listings.  Introduced the new drawer concept for the over flow menus.  

Time: 7:56 mins

5.73 Release Video

Introduced the search concept in Connect. The concept of 100% responsive vs adaptive. Also separated map workflow.  Best fit, location based searching.

Time: 16:38 mins

Unique Features

Paragon Connect is more than a way to access data on the go. It provides a Client centric workflow, and seamless access to common Paragon features in a mobile-optimized interface.  Work where you want, how you want, when you want.

  • 100% Responsive

  • Syncs with Paragon Classic

  • Finger Draw on Map

  • Enhance Photo Filters

  • Flip, Rotate images

  • Snap Photo from Phone

  • Add shapes, text, icons, to photos


Client Centric

Client centric dashboard with unique tools for managing buyers and sellers

  • Create Notes

  • View and Add Comments

  • Enable Sell Side

  • Notifications

  • Setup Collab Center Sites

  • Track Buyer Activity

  • View Seller Statistics

  • Location Search using your device’s location

  • Access native mapping and driving directions on your mobile phone

Paragon Mobile Vs Paragon Connect

A new mobile-optimized interface to access these key Paragon features.  None of these were available in Paragon Mobile. 

  • Power Search 

  • Access and create Saved Searches

  • Access Listing History

  • Access Community and School Reports

  • Perform full Map Searches

  • Access Default Search Templates

  • Text Listings to Clients

  • Email Collab Center Reports to Clients

  • Access Third Party products

  • Access Google Street view




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